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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some loose stuff, WIP's mostly


  1. I like number 10. Though, it might be because its a little stereotypical of a head hunter. Great job man.

  2. Hey thanks Allison,

    I think I ended up liking 8 the best but a lot of people seemed to like 10 too. Thanks for the input!


  3. I dig I dig. Good stuff. A lot to love. Just a few notes. On your rendered character (the commando) I know your probably trying to leave the back foot vague to draw attention to the juicy details, but still the structure of that back foot is wank and since the rest of the character is really structural its very noticeable (also it looks like his back foot is resting on an imaginary rock?). On a side note - is everything on your commando going to look like its made of cardboard with such harsh transitions? The backpack, ammo box and the medic pack all look the same shape. Up to you to decide if it's a stylization or a lack of thought in material, but I thought I would point it out. The environment like the commando is very structural which pleases me ^^...However, it is also very vague which saddens XD. I'm sure you have something in mind and since it's wip still so the only crit I can give is - clarify and add more information. I want moar! ^^ good stuff with more to come I'm sure

  4. Hey thanks for the comment fry, i'll keep that stuff in mind

    K dawg